Paving with HEI-WAY® Materials

HEI-WAY® stockpile cold mix asphalt materials are a great choice for your secondary roads of 3500 or less ADT (average daily traffic). Our materials have been used with excellent results and comparative cost savings by many of our customers.

Here are some of the advantages you'll receive when paving with HEI-WAY® materials:

Benefits of HEI-WAY

And if you don´t want to take our word for it, see our Cold Mix Paving Profile interview with Mike Boots of Franklin Township, Beaver County here.

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Paving with HEI-WAY® General Purpose cold mix paving material - Alleghent County using a full-width paver in August, 2010. Click Here

Have you heard of the Moon Paver? Watch how this device saves work for smaller road crews using HEI-WAY® General Purpose. Click Here